Tahometer is a time tracking tool for teams and freelancers

  • Outsource your project to freelancers
  • Track progress with intermittent screenshots
  • Automate reporting, track projects and budgets
  • Export reports to both Excel and CSV formats

What is Tahometer?

Tahometer is the best tool to track employee working time and visualize the entire work process from the comfort of your own computer. With over 200,000 minutes of total work time already racked up, Tahometer has proven itself to be the most reliable and efficient time tracker out there!

Who was Tahometer designed for?

Tahometer is great for businesses, freelancers or really anyone who would like to keep their work tracked in a single centralized location.

Why use Tahometer?

With the help of Tahometer, you can track your own work to keep tabs on your productivity, or track company employees remotely to convert hours into eventual payments. This empowers you to take control of your business wherever you are around the globe, and helps companies stay organized and save money in the process to boot!

Download Tahometer for your operational system

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Windows Agent 3.2.5
Mac OS Agent 3.2.4
Linux Agent 3.2.4

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