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Tahometer’s Privacy Policy.

Keeping things simple

At Tahometer, we want to be completely open and transparent about the way our application works. This is why we encourage all our users to read this Privacy Policy until the very end, but if you are currently unable to do so, then please direct your attention to the three main points below:

  • Tahometer is not just a website. It is also a standalone service that can track employee activity and upload the data to our servers. Our service is designed to make it easy to share your activity with whomever you want. However, you decide how much information you would like to divulge and control how this data is distributed, directly from your privacy settings. Note that you should always review the information and take a look at your privacy settings before sharing any data.
  • In the future, we are planning on allowing more specific information to be made publicly available, such as your name, profile, skills, geographic region and statistics. But don’t worry, as you will still be able to limit how others can view this type of data through your search privacy settings. This information will also not be accessible to others by default.
  • We are fully GDPR compliant, so your data will be safe with us.


Because any personal information submitted to Tahometer is entirely the user’s choice and should never be of a sensitive nature, we do not currently encrypt your data. This means that Tahometer user accounts are secured by user-created passwords only. For this reason, Tahometer cannot guarantee the total security of your account information. Unauthorized access or use, hardware or software failure and a number of different factors may still compromise the security of your data, so please bear this in mind.

The Data We Collect

Personal data. Tahometer uses your personal information for the following purposes:

  • To provide and improve our service, features and content
  • To administer our services, including verifying your identity when accessing Tahometer
  • To provide you with customer support
  • To fulfill your requests
  • To customize your experience
  • To offer product announcements and software updates
  • To give you further information about us

The data we regularly collect from website visitors (e.g. IP address, browser type, accessed pages, duration of visit, etc.) does not necessarily enable us to identify you personally, and this is never our intention. When signing up as a Tahometer user, however, you do provide us with your name, email and time zone information. Any additional information provided to Tahometer is entirely your choice. However, in compliance with the GDPR, if you would like to make a subject access request, rectify or delete your data, restrict and object to processing or lodge a complaint with a data protection authority, you are perfectly entitled to do so. Please contact our support department with any such requests and we will strive to respond to you in no later than 30 days.

Content. One of the main reasons to use Tahometer is to share your work activity with others. This is the extent of the information we collect when you willingly interact with Tahometer.

Site activity information. We keep track of any actions taken on Tahometer, including website navigation, creating or editing items and authorizing applications. We also collect the versions of Tahometer and the browser that you are currently using. When you access Tahometer’s services from within our application, we may collect information from that agent such as your IP address and a list containing actions you have taken.

Cookie information. We use “cookies” (tiny pieces of data stored on your computer) to make Tahometer easier to use and protect both you and our service. For example, we can use cookies to store your login ID (never your password) to make it easier for you to log in when returning to Tahometer. You can remove or block cookies from the settings in your browser at any time, but in some instances, this may impact your ability to use Tahometer.

How We Use Your Data

We use the data we collect to provide a safe, efficient and customized user experience. Here are a few more details on why we do this:

To manage our service. The information we gather allows us to enable Tahometer’s services and features, to analyze and improve its overall performance and provide you with customer support. We also use the collected data to prevent potentially illegal activities. This is done through a variety of systems that are able to detect and address anomalous activity. As a result of these efforts, a temporary or permanent suspension or termination of some functions may occasionally occur, as well as that of users or user locations.

To contact you. From time to time, we may contact you with service-related announcements. You may opt out of these on your account notifications page. To do this, please follow the unsubscribing instructions provided in all messages sent to you, or update your profile information. Note that we may also include content that you have shared on Tahometer in the emails we send to you.

To run our software. Some of our downloadable applications, including the Tahometer Agent, rely extensively on sending us information. As a result, we may not notify you about said data if we believe that our collection and use of it are related to the obvious purposes of the application, such as receiving desktop screenshots, titles of active windows and the amount of mouse clicks and pressed keys during certain periods of time. If we find that it is not immediately obvious that we are collecting or using certain types of data, then we will make a formal disclosure on the very first time it occurs, and you will then be free to decide whether or not to use that feature.

When We Share Information

While Tahometer does depend heavily upon sharing your information with others, we provide you with helpful privacy settings you can use to restrict visibility. We only share your data with third parties when we believe this has been authorized by you, when it is necessary to administer our services or when we are legally required to do so. Below are some examples:

When you make a payment. Whenever you make a payment on Tahometer, we will only share payment information with the required agencies to complete your transaction.

When we aim to improve or promote our service. Sometimes, to help improve or promote our services, we share aggregated information with third parties. This, however, is only done in such a way that no user may ever be identified or linked to individual actions or information. If you would like to know more about what data is being included in promotional material (and make any objections if necessary), please contact our support team.

When we provide you with our services. We may disclose information to service providers that allow us to offer you our services. For instance, we may use third parties to help host our website, send out email updates about Tahometer and process payments. These service providers may have access to your personal information for a limited time only, but whenever this occurs, we have reasonable contractual and technical protections in place to restrict their use of data to helping us provide the service.

When we offer joint services. We may provide services in partnership with other companies. If you choose to use these services, we may share your information to facilitate that arrangement. However, we will always identify the partner and present you with their privacy policy before you start to use their services.

When we respond to legal requests. We may disclose information as a result of subpoenas, court orders or other official requests (including criminal and civil matters).

In the event of sale or change of control. If the ownership of all or substantially all of our business changes, we may transfer your information to the new owner so the service can continue to operate. In such an event, your information remains subject to all promises made in any pre-existing Privacy Policy.

Protecting Your Data

We do our very best to keep your data secure, and we welcome your assistance in this matter.

Steps we take to keep your data safe. Tahometer stores your account information on a secured server behind a firewall. Whenever you enter any sensitive information (such as your credit card number or passwords), the data is encrypted using SSL technology. We also use automated and social measures to enhance security, like analyzing accounts for fraudulent or anomalous behavior. In response to signs of abuse, we may limit the use of site features, remove inappropriate content or links to illegal material and even suspend or disable accounts.

Risks inherent in sharing information. Although we do allow you to set your own privacy options that can limit access to your information, please be aware that no security measures are perfect or impenetrable. We are not responsible for the actions of other users, nor can we guarantee that only those you have authorized will gain access to your information. We also cannot ensure that the data you share on Tahometer will not become publicly available and are not responsible for third-party circumvention of any privacy settings or security measures on Tahometer. You can reduce these risks by using common sense security practices such as choosing a strong password, using different passwords for different services and keeping antivirus software updated. Note that should a security breach take place, whether originating from a national or foreign jurisdiction, we will inform our affected users as soon as we become aware of it.

Reporting violations. Please help us by reporting any security violations using the feedback link on the left of the main page.

Account Deactivation

If you would like to stop using your account, you can always deactivate it. When you deactivate an account, although no user will be able to see your profile, it will not be permanently deleted. We keep your profile information saved in case you later decide to return to us. Consequently, you will still have the ability to reactivate your account and restore your profile entirely.

Other Terms

Changes. We reserve the right to change this Privacy Policy at any time. Unless otherwise stated, our current Privacy Policy applies to all the information that we possess about you and your account. If we make changes to this Privacy Policy, we will notify you by publishing the most recent version on this web page.

Consent to collection and processing in the United States. By using Tahometer, you consent to having your personal data processed by Tahometer.